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Getting Used to Journals...

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Random Thoughts

I'm really excited about the stuff Michael Tanczos is going on about. Oooh! Can't wait, looks like I signed up to GDNet+ just in time for some Super coolness of awesomness.

Events of Note

  • So I just decided on a journal template I'm gonna use for the foreseeable future. The emphasis of the structure is on flow and readability.

  • I ordered some whiteboards last week Wednesday from a city that was 2 hours away and payed for next day delivery. I got them in yesterday nearly a week later, thats what I call excellent service.

  • I pulled a really cool but super geeky act the other day: I was partaking in some enjoyable activies with a certain [wonderful] girl and in the middle of it found myself thinking something along the lines of "hmm.. I dont think the algorthim I just implemented to tether a point to the ship by converting their vectors to spherical coordinates and performing operation [x] on them will work." That was fairly amusing and in case anyone is wondering, No I wasn't bored, the thought just sort of forced its way in. I didn't think things like that actually happened in real life...

Writings on Current Project

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Recommended Comments

I like the new layout of your journal entry. When I have stuff to actually write about, I try and do it too =)

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