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Happens every time.

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Stephen R


So, I'm basically finished this game. The bugs have been fixed - anthing else I have to do now should be very minor. Now I have to decide what my next project will be. It's funny that when you're working on a project that you really want to complete interesting projects through themselves at you, but once you finally get around to thinking about the next project you draw a blank. Ah well.

I've finished the design doc for the next iteration of the engine. I like how its turned out, on paper anyway. But I'm not going to get down to work on it till I have a fair idea as to what the next game is going to be, to make sure the engine is suitable. I don't want a case like this game where I had to bend the engine to fit the game inside. So I'm going to wait till we know what the next game is going to be before I start work on it.

So that leaves me with nothing to code for a good few weeks (months probably with the number of designs we go through before we find a game we like). I want to make something interesting to code, that I've never done before, or that I've never done well before. I'm thinking of possibly an emulator for some old console (NES, SNES or original GB), or some networking app (like an IRC or web server), or possibly something to do with sound, encryption or compression. I'm not sure yet.

I'm wide WIDE open to suggestions.
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