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GBA time!

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I'm pretty confident now in my mad GBA coding skillz (the z is for extremeness), so I now want to make a game. Problem is, I can't think of a game I want to make. Can you guys suggest any games I should make? Here are my guidelines:

- Not Breakout! I already have done that.
- Using just geometric shapes.
- Dosen't have to be a clone, could also be any concept you guys think up.

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here is some stuff I whipped up for the GBA about two years ago. Anyone of my demos would be an excellent thing, and pretty easy, for you to code.

Pong is always fun.

But a game I really like has balls of varying sizes bouncing around the screen. The bigger the ball, the higher it bounces (and thus the slower it is). Your character is only about to move along the bottom of the screen, and shoots "bullets" up at the balls. Anytime a ball is hit, it splits into two smaller balls (one level down).

Should be pretty simple, but is damn addicting.

There actually was a GBA demo that came out on gbadev.org a while ago that had this exact game, and there was a very addicting java applet that had this with some powerups and such.

Sorry I cant find em, but maybe you can!

Good luck.

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Pong does sound good.

That other idea of yours is something I might want to do for the computer rather than the GBA. It does sound really cool!


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I need to play battleship on the GBA!!!

That would be awesome with two gbas! Seems to me that I may have to look into tile mode for something like this...

Nice one!

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