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More gymnastics

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Been meaning to share this video for a while now. It's me playing of a game of Add A Trick with some friends at the gym. It only shows me, I guess cause the guy who taped it and sent it to me wanted to keep the file size down. I didn't even know he was gonna edit it up like this so it was kinda cool of him to do it - thx Steve.

Anyways I think I may have mentioned the game Add A Trick before - it's simple. You do a trick, then the next person does your trick and adds on his/her own trick and so on and so forth. The rules are simple: you have three tries to make the "routine" and add a trick, you can't take bounces between tricks (extra bounces I should say, of course you need to bounce between tricks :P) and if you come up to your feet from whatever position you have to add at least a half turn.

So here I am playing Add A Trick [smile] (5MB)

Like I said, it's just me so you'll see me adding on to tricks you don't see performed by mu buddies playing with me. The funniest part tho is in the middle, Steve stuck in a clip of one of my friends crashing. Watch my reaction closely, it's funny as hell. At the very end you'll hear a lot of screaming, because the last trick I was supposed to do was a double porpoise (that's the second trick I do at the beginning of the movie). I tried for it and had no room, and my friends thought I was going to land on my head [smile]. But I broke out of it instead.
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Yea... tramp is pretty much the only thing I do nowadays gymnastics-wise. I tumble a bit still but other than that... I think I need to get back into more events. Just too lazy [smile] and tramp is too much fun...

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thats damn cool man. wish you had some video of what was going on tonite b/c that was damn difficult shit. glad i wasnt playin.


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