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Not much really to talk about... other than the fact that this last week has just really sucked. JavaTactics it looks like will probably be a full week behind the demo date, and now I'm waiting for the ebay people to overnight their forgotten memory card. And to top it all off, my homeowrk load is really large.

One thing that I did do was program an alarm clock for my computer. The cool thing about it is that it runs of a schedule. This way I can have different alarms for the different days of the week. Its integrated with OSX so that it hikes the system volume to max, then blasts out a random song out of my music library. Doesn't have a gui yet... but I'll wait until after the java tactics demo is out...
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And to top it all off, my homeowrk load is really large.

Same here. Homework is such a *insert explicative* pain. Keep working hard on Java Tactics, though ... we need another demo !

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Come on, give us some cookies (I prefer the "Java flavoured code" ones). Great work you're doing here, congratulations!

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Dude, you do homework? I just lost so much respect for you ;)
Dont think that is a good enough excuse to get you out of Java Tactics, buddy.
Also, you stole my journal name, you whore.

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