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Tangent Errors and Bubbles

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Just wanted to say congratulations to Mr. JohnHattan. Seven years is quite a run. I'm not sure who broke the mirror... but I hope his journal lasts at least another seven. Good stuff!

As for me...
  • Discovered an error inside my dot3 shaders

    • Link to DirectX forum

    • I was basically translating the tangents and normals so that the shaders worked fine when the model was at 0,0,0 but when translated this made things ugly. Now, thanks to S1CA, I am multiplying the tangents and normals by a 3x3 matrix with the rotation data and no translation.

  • Used CPPToolTip to add tool tips to my editor.

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Hey, thanks for posting that link to CPPToolTip - looks handy for my app, even if I'm not using MFC. Your editor looks awesome too :).

EDIT: :O at the rest of your screenshots!

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