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One Man Falling

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Benjamin Heath


My father, Larry Dennis Heath, is going to the hospital at the time of this writing. They'll probably keep him there for some time, so he will not be coming home tonight. We found out yesterday that, in all likelihood, my dad is diabetic. His blood count is also very low, and he may be anemic. (My mother had a fight with anemia a few years ago; this is scary.)

That's it. This whole thing is encouraging me to follow a different light, and possibly to go vegetarian for the most part. I have no problems with eating meat, but it seems a culture that has encouraged the massive consumption of it is wrong. The first thing out the door in this house - we're all agreeing on this - is the diet. Of course, I know that my father's consumption of food is not the whole problem here.

edit: Okay, all is well. My dad is going to be fine. I have not heard a doctor's word on the matter, but nothing has been said of my dad and diabetes, so I guess that means he's fine. They ran some tests on him today, and they're building his blood back up with iron and other treatments. He's doing okay.

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Thanks Rob. That means a lot, thank you.

Yeah, he's doing better. His blood count hit a recorded low at 4.3, but it has been steadily increasing since then. They're going to keep him for a few more days, but he's doing very well. The tests showed no ulcers, no polyps, nothing. We don't know yet why his blood count went so low. I still haven't heard anything about diabetes, so we're assuming he's clear of that.


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