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So since I'm not going to be coding my engine till I know what the next game is I've decided to make a basic IRC server for use over a LAN in Java. I'm going to try to make it support most of the features described in the IRC standard appart from server-server connections - this is my first attempt at a real server program so I'm going to keep it simple.

I'd already downloaded the JDK/Netbeans package so I installed it once I decided I was going to do this project thismorning. I didn't get very far with NetBeans - it's horribly slow. I downloaded JCreator instead and it's much better.

This is the first major project that I've done in Java, though I've messed around with the language before. I'm always really impressed by it. It just seems so clean compared to C++, though there is a definate pleasure to be had from C++'s intricacies.

Anyway, I don't think this small IRC thing is going to take me too long. I just want to make a server that I can log onto with some standard IRC client and be able to chat on.
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Yeah, most of the specs can be gotten here. Though if you're going to write a server you'd better get out a packet analyser because they don't tell you everything.

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