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I improved my sprite class

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I made a better version of Dancing Kirby. I added a cImage class that divides itself into frames and lets you draw certain ones. I also made a sprite class that contains animations, and lets you load these animations out of a binary file. I also made a special program that lets you create said binary files. Last but not least I improved the sprite's self awareness in its update function so that it keeps track of how long it has been since the last time it has updated and only updates itself if it has been long enough since then. This lets me have seperate speeds for each sprite! My next project is going to be a map class that controls the sprites and a tile class that the map has an array of.

This whole engine is called Aerial Stratus. Aerial Interactive is my "Company" name (it's not a real company of course, I'm only 15 and not old enough to register one), and I prefix 'aerial' to all my projects. Check out the newest Dancing Kirby here.

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