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Ever since I started programming (about a year ago), I've always been interested in Console development. This is not suprising, as I mostly play console games and I hardly ever play games on the PC. Starting GBA development has been very fun so far, as I finally get to work with a console. I don't consider myself one of those people who "likes to know how everything works", in fact quite the oppisite. I think abstraction is one of the greatest aspects of programming, but only when it is used right. What I don't appreciate, is having to use functions, or methods, that abstract to the point that I can't understand how to do something I could probably do on my own much easier. Abstraction is suppose to make things easier, not find a new way to add difficulty. I find with working with the GBA, or reading any console dev articles for that matter, that I never encounter this problem. Now I'm not saying console programming is easy, it's exactly the oppisite. At least it gives me the oppertunity to learn the important aspects of the machine I'm working on. I can see that Microsoft is starting to move towards PC like development on a console with the XBox. I have mixed feelings on this, but I realize it is a necessary step.

Anyway, that's my random thought of the day.
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Amen to that. I loved working on the GBA. It taught me so many of the fundamentals to how consoles and APIs like directx and openGL work at the bottom...and yet allowed me to have immediate results. It was pretty awesome...and a really powerful, versatile, wonderful machine.

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