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I had no idea a 90 year old man could cave in my chest cavity like that!

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Random Thoughts

Am I the only one on these boards who watches Arrested Development [the show this journal's posting title is from]? I think it must be the funniest and most creative comedy offering to have hit television in a long time. I don't think I've seen anyone bring it up and am quite suprised at that.

On a related note, I was watching Television earlier and saw a toy for young girls that allows them to knit clothing items and was like "Whoah! That is soo cool! I want that!". And, if I buy it from that site and not Amazon, I save GBP5.00! Hows that for a deal! Damn good, thats what. Hmm..I vow this to be the last time I use the '!' mark so prodigously.

Events of Note

  • Gamedev was offline for a good part of the day thus allowing me to accomplish more than I would have otherwise.

  • Happy April Fools Day!!!!1

Writings on Current Project

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Recommended Comments

Arrested Development is great. Apart from The Simpsons, it's the only thing I watch regularly.

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