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Java Tactics Update

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Okay, I got the networking figured worked out. The problem is how I got it fixed. It wasn't so much as fixed as it was rewritten. Because the networking objects are all different, the whole server/client side of Java Tactics needs to be rewritten also. So currently I can send messages back and forth between two Java Tactics instances.

Currently global events run in their own thread. It was the only thing that I could figure out that would allow the game to have global events that don't depend on waiting for input, or other such things. So my question is: Is there a better way of implementing events that does not put each global event into its own thread?

Taking into what I've said here about rewritting my network interface classes, expect a wed release (yes, again....). I wish that I could have had it out yesterday, but school kind of made that impossible, and I have my priorities. [smile]

But, I promise that I will have a demo out on next wed.
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