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Hello All!

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Well, this is my first entry to my journal, and since it is the first one I figured I should just say hi and somehow do a little introduction instead of just straight flooding the journal with programming rants and anecdotes.

Anyway I am, as many others around here working on a game engine, I have to say, this is taking more time than the time it takes 3dRealms to release Duke Nukem Forever, in my case is probably due to the drifting nature of the goals I set for my engine, one week I want to do something, the next another, on the case of 3dRealms... well its probably the same issue [smile]

I am an Open Source supporter, I like the idea to an extent, but I also believe in making some money on the side, which is why I have some projects which are Open Source, such as my MD5 model and game GUI libraries and some that are closed commercial projects, such as my Mapper Level exporter plug-in for gameSpace/trueSpace, and once complete, my game engine and its derivatives.

So,... yeah, that's me [smile].

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Welcome to the gang! I look forward to seeing some of the screenshots you make of the engine.

Oh, and here's your welcome ratings ++;

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Aye, screenshots are a must - whether you actually made it is irrelevant [smile]. Welcome to the journals, mate.

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Yes. I refuse to read unless there are pretty pictures to accompany the boring drivel ;)

Welcome aboard!

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Gee, I've really been disregarding my journal, though no one would read mine, its good to be reminded time and time again what such great comunity GDNET is [smile]

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