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Keeping a journal is nothing new to me. In fact, I currently have 2 others - one on livejournal and one on my website. So, why another journal on GDNet?

Good question.

I think I'm probably interested in more of a targeted audience at this point. My livejournal is for my personal, non-work things. My website is more what I want out of a public journal, but it has little traffic and no exposure. With a journal here I'm hoping to be as geeky as I want to be and have an audience that can make knowledgeable comments, constructive criticism, and helpful hints.

My only real debate currently is whether to try to put some entries from my site on here that I would like some constructive criticism on even though they are not necessarily current. I think I'll probably do a couple like that and then only write new entries here. For older entries, I'll refer the reader back to my website.

I'll also include here a brief bio of who I and why I'm here. Like many here, I started programming when I was very young (10) and my first programs were simple games. In fact, my first project that I did to completion was a simple dungeon crawl on my TI-99/4A trying to emulate Wizardry. 25 years later, I'm still programming, still gaming, and wanting a career change to start doing what I've always been passionate about. I'm currently a software developer at Real and have been here for 5 years now - all through the development, release, and continuation of our group's product - RealArcade.

I'm currently taking a Game Development course at the University of Washington Extension. It's a year-long course and I am halfway through. Most of my time these days is spent working on homework or work, and to be honest, I'm happy as a clam programming this stuff. Game Programming and the thought of actually working on this stuff full time has really reawakened my passion for programming. My hope is that at the end of this course, I'll have the one thing that I've been lacking for far too long - programming skills specific to games.

Anyway, I'm glad to be here. I've read gamedev.net for years, but have started to get serious about a career change in the past year or two. So, it's good to become part of a community that's focused on the things that I love - games!
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