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First Impressions

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Stephen R


The server is going pretty well. I'm moving fairly slowly because I'm constantly having to look up the API docs but appart from that everything is moving along nicely.

The serversocket is operational and it listens for incomming connections. In comming connections are accepted and added to the map of clients. I've coded a class for IRC messages - which have a very simple syntax. So I can send and recieve messages. I'm currently handling the startup commands from the client NICK, USER, MODE and USERHOST. At the moment I have a simple if, else if block for sorting the messages through to the correct functions. I'm going to replace that tomorrow with a hashtable of command names and command objects - which should hopefully make the code cleaner and more efficient when I'm dealing with many more commands.

So basically my server allows clients to connect to it and respondes to most of the startup commands. I'll tidy up what I have so far tomorrow and then add support for the rest of the user managemnt commands.
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