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Gift card fun

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As you recall, I had a $5 gift card from Ultimate Electronics from my recent purchase of "The Incredibles". I was loath to use it, though, because I find UE's sales practices annoying.

Well, while visiting a site that shall not be named but that I visit from time to time, I discovered that all of the Ultimate Electronics stores in Texas are going teats' up. Knowing that gift cards would be kaput once the store goes into liquidation, I steeled myself for another visit.

It was a much more pleasant experience this time, mainly because the salespeople were more interested in updating their resumes over stalking customers. I ended up getting $5 off a DVD of The Music Man, which Maggie should enjoy.

The reason I say this is that Shelly asked when they're liquidating. They said that our local store is going to cease being an Ultimate Electronics on 4/9, which is presumably when the liquidators are going to take over the store and start discounting everything.

Might be a good time to grab one of those classy Tivoli radios to replace the flaky radio I've got.

Oh, and I got a pleasant surprise a couple of days ago. While moving software to my new machine, I discovered that the new Macromedia FlashPaper 2 not only converts printed documents to Flash, but also to PDF. It's not as capable as the full Acrobat suite, but it's enough for my needs. There are cheaper print-to-PDF solutions nowadays, but FlashPaper's still a good deal if you want to print to PDF or Flash.
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I ended up getting $5 off a DVD of The Music Man, which Maggie should enjoy.
Good movie. Does the DVD have an alternate ending where he skips town with the librarian and goes to Vegas with all the money?

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Ummmmno. It does, however come in widescreen, which is pretty-much essential for this movie.

Before this DVD, I'd only seen the TV version, and it was pretty obvious every time the school board "barbershop quartet" was on the screen --one of the guys was always cropped out.

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