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I was at a familly gathering today since I got up (12ish - so what if I'm lazy) till half nine. I managed to get quite a lot of work done on the server when I got back but not all that I'd hoped.

I moved over to the command map/object design, which was very easy with Java's Hashtable object. I've also added the a lot of the core functionallity. The client's init commands are now all handled and they can now join/leave/talk on channels. I've got a bit more to do before I'll consider the core elements finished. I have to send updates to each of the members of a channel when a client changes his nick or leaves or joins a channel. I have to allow messaging between users and I have to provide some support for user/channel modes. Once I have that all in I'll probably test it out a bit, make sure there aren't many bugs, and call it quits. I don't actually need a local IRC server - I just wanted to see if I could implement a standards compliant server which works with the major clients and once I have what I've listed above done I've done all the interesting/challenging/new work.
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Nice! Just a question: how do you feel about Java in general? Do you think it would have been easier to make this if you had made it in C#/C++/VB(or whatever language here)?

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Well I know it was definately easier than doing it in C++ would have been simply because the Java library is conatins everything I needed built in. C# or VB(.NET I presume) I don't know. .NET provides much the same functionallity and since C# and Java have very similar syntaxes I'd guess my code would have ended up looking very similar. Though I would say that debugging in VS is easier than I've found debugging it in JCreator.

That said I really just picked Java because I hadn't used it before for a real project so I wanted to see how it felt. If I was doing a proper app for release I would probably go with C# for my RAD needs.

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