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Stephen R


Well I finished the IRC server. It allows users to talk on channels and privately. Users can change their nicks and they can set their user modes and channel modes. I only implemented one channel mode and one user mode, just to have the facility in the server. As it is at the moment all of the core functionallity is in place. The client can perform most of the common tasks just as he would on any other server. I could keep adding functionallity forever if I wanted but there isn't much point. Anything else would just be extending what I currently have in place, not much of interest.

I'm going to pack the server up into a JAR and call it finished. It does everything I'd set out for it to do - It provides a perfectly adequite IRC server for a LAN. I really just wanted to learn how to manage large numbers of users in different areas and how to make sure the right data gets sent to the right users.

I'll probably do my next small project in Python because I haven't used it much either. The last program was a networking test, I think this will be scripting. I'm thinking of creating a small virtual machine to run a basic form ASM which I'll compile into bytecode. I'm thinking of giving it support for drawing rectangles and a few registers which store input data and making a small game or two out of it - like pong, and snake.

EDIT: Scratch that. I got to about half way through writing the Compiler in Python when I just couldn't go on. It wasn't that the code wasn't working for me its just that I've come to realize that I hate Python - with a vengence. I don't know what it is about it but the way it looks on the page, the indent based syntax, the lack of entry function, everything about it started getting on my nerves. Maybe its an acquired taste, but I don't want to spend two/three weeks coding in this language when I could be coding in a language that I like. I'll make a point of using it for VERY small apps that I need every now and then and maybe I'll come to like it, like a deformed cat that repulses you at first but after a long period of short bursts of exposure you get used to, but right now I'm going to put it back under its rock.
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