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This entry is rather long, so I'll split it up into 2 sections.

Yay, the error is still there

The error I was getting on my GBA program is still there. You can read what it was by reading the last entry. Visage suggested making a change that is a pernproject tutorial. This change makes my program more readable, but unfortunetly it does not fix the problem. The same error is still going on. Does anyone have any ideas?

Remember Stompy the Game?

Although I rarely mention it in my journal anymore, I am still working on Stompy. Although it is already a playable and quite fun game, it is not very polished. This project is being supported by 1d Productions, who are providing the graphics for it. I was considering using Genetic Algorithms to make the enemies smarter and more challangeing. As it currently is, the enemies simply bounce off the walls rather than following any sort of path or pattern. This looks kind of dumb, so I would much rather have smart enemies, even if it takes me longer to make.

Oh, and finally:

ninjas > zombies > that guy from american Idol, you know which one! Don't lie!
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Yeah, the one who always ends the show saying "Douchebag former deejay turned failed talk show host and soon to be doing dinner theater when the public tires of me OUT!"

. . .or something like that.

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