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The Forgotten Mindset



Cats - All your base are belong to us

In 2001, the game known as Zero Wing was rediscovered by millions of Internet goers. This game came out in 1989 by Toaplan as a Sega Genesis and Arcade space shooter. The game was not released in North America, but it did achieve massive popularity in Japan and Europe. But the thing that made this game immortal was the extremely poor English translation of the original Japanese text.

All over the Internet, people were creating photoshoped images of scenes that carried the strange quote: "All your base are belong to us." As immense popularity grew over this quote, it soon became a worldwide Internet Phenomenon.

And on that fateful day in 1997, a Flash movie portraying the horrible, yet hilarious, English introduction of Zero Wing. It also included tons of photoshoped AYB (All your base) pictures and an upbeat techno track complete with spliced-in sound bytes taken from the original dialog that was put into the old Arcade version. The movie made the top 50 Internet search list in no time--- it has probably been viewed more times than most successful Hollywood films.

-The Flash movie can be viewed here: http://www.planettribes.com/allyourbase/video.shtml
-More information for Zero Wing and the "All your base are belong to use" craze can be found at:
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Just so you know, I plan on doing a colophon for every avatar that I get. I do not plan on keeping the "All your Base" theme forever. Mabey Ferris Bueller next time??? [lol]

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