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I have a new theory.

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Okay, follow along here.

Time is infinite, right?

So, I theorize that eventually, at some point in time, the combination of all molecules on the planet right now will eventually be duplicated somewhere else in the universe at some point in time.

So, sometime, X million years from now, a big bag of sentient particles that look and smell exactly like myself will be sitting at a computer, writing this journal entry for gamedev.net.

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Or perhaps you've already sat there billions of years ago, millions of light years away and typed that post, wondering when it would be typed again. If only your previous self could see your current entry!

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Time is infinite, right?
According to our most reliable existing theories of cosmology, wrong.

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This may be of interest to you. Certainly a good read, although a lot of my friends considered it pretty heavy going.

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