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Another Ending... Another Beginning...

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More work was done on the material editor. It is nearly complete. Though I will need to return to it soon so glow support can be added.

  • Added new options

    • Enable / Disable Alpha Testing

    • Enable / Disable Tool Tips

    • Enable / Disable Draw Back Faces

    • Set Background Color - or return to default

  • Added a lighting configuration dialog

    • Choose between directional and point light modes

      • Enable / Disable specific lights

    • Set ambient lighting

    • Enable / Disable projective texturing

      • Choose between default and user defined projection textures

  • Added First-Person view tool

    • Allows the user to walk around the scene using the mouse's scroller button

  • Added scene zoom

  • Fixed a model subset reordering error

    • I forgot to reorder the meshes at save time. This caused material indices to not line up properly

  • Modified the material class to accept new semantics and annotations

    • There are now separate semantics for directional and point lights

    • This decreases the amount of memory sent with each shader material

    • Improved the nearest point light semantic to look like : Light_s L : DENP_LIGHT ;

    • This will send the first nearest point light. If N=2 it would send the 3rd nearest point light, etc.

      • Improved the nearest point light functions to be updated only when needed and it now sorts with quicksort

    • Added semantics to have access to the current projection texture matrix

    • Updated all shader templates to support the new semantics

  • Added a function to recalculate geometry buffer pointers and subset counts after an animated mesh LOD change

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