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Whee, particle systems

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Evil Steve


I decided to take a break from my MUD project, and do a mini side project - A particle system editor.
I intend to write a particle system class that can read and write ini-like settings, and this editor to let you see what's going on.
Everything you see on the dialog is completely functional. I just need to write the actual particle system now :)

Have a screenie:
Particle System Editor #1

And another for good measure:
Particle System Editor #2

Now, repeat after me: "Ooh, Ahh, That's nice".
I hope to get this all done and working within a day or two.

I love degenerate triangles. The entire ground is drawn in one triangle strip for added hillarity. It's amazing.
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"Ooh, Ahh, That's nice". Now wtf is a particle system [grin] jokes We'd better see some particles tomorrow man!

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