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I've only read 2 parts so far, but I really enjoyed them [smile]. And I have a special request: Can you post this stuff in a more readable/printable format?

If you have original drafts in doc or whatever, it'd be great to get hold of it. With the amount of stuff you write, the forum-style formatting makes it kinda hard to grasp.


PS: Would you throw in a teaser on what you'd be covering next? [grin]

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Actually, I have them all in text format, with HTML markup, if you would like, i can zip them all up and put them up for your enjoyment as well. As for the next topic I will be covering, that depends. I've got a lot of things to talk about really, but nothing has really tweaked my nose enough for me to dedicate lots of time to it. However, I'll have something tomorrow for sure. As much as I would like to cover some topics, like automating usability data gathering, i'm pretty sure most people here (Excepting a few) would find it boring.

Perhaps I should pick up where this series left off and discuss how you can now use these packets that you have deserialized, how you operate on them in an efficient and clean manner, that is also extensible.

I am also open to suggestions, if you have a topic that you would like to see covered, please, just ask.

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Thank you very much Washu! :)

/emote wonders what the next series will be on

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