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Playable Demo (Finally)

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Rob Loach


I've finally made a playable demo of Blastoids. It's still in heavy development, but I think it's looking great....

It's just been so busy lately with school and trying to find something to do for the summer that I haven't really had much time really focus on the project. I really want to get this thing done and move onto something more fun. Maybe using the PopCap framework, we'll see. What do you think of the demo so far?

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Hi Rob,

Looks good. I played for a while and everything looked great. Then I suddenly lost my particle trail on the ship. When I exit every time now I get two run time errors

instruction 0x10012622 referenced memory at 0x000 memory could not be read and...

instruction 0x00443527 referenced memory at 0x003e0008 memory could not be written

I got the particle trail to come back on by changing the options to high detail but then after I exit I get the same two errors and the next time I open the game the particle trail is gone again. I'm just guessing the problem is in your options routine?

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Aye, I get the same errors as noaktree, along with a new one -
instruction 0x00000 referenced memory at 0x00000 memory could not be read. These don't always appear as a pair - multiple tests showed that :
- if the application was opened, played, then exited (properly), the 0x00443527 error is displayed only
- if the application was opened, played, then the "X" (close) button was clicked, the 0x0000 error was displayed as well as the 0x00043
- I couldn't replicate the error at 0x10012622, but I'd say it was analogous to the 0x000000 one

Same for the particle trail - if you start the game in High detail mode, then switch to Low, the trail doesn't appear at all. Lastly, if a player holds the boost (right-mouse) button down over the ship, it will go back and forther extremely rapidly; but perhaps that is desired behavior (?). I found it kind of cool, actually ... you can shoot both ways.

Besides those minor issues it looks great. Keep it up, man.

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