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Not much of an alpha test

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My editor has been posted for nearly a day now and according to my server stats I've only had two downloads. Special thanks to Neoforce for basically being the sole participator in this release. [rolleyes]

If you're reading this, then please download and try out my editor on your system. I'd really appreciate the feedback. The link is in my previous journal entry.
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Yeah..It just seems like there are only games over there..I'd hate to break tradition..or disappoint someone who's all jacked up and ready to play material editor.

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I downloaded it, but I uninstalled the April update from this system because it gave me some errors on install. I'll try it out when I reinstall the april update.

From the screenshots, it looks pretty impressive. =)

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I'd have downloaded it, noaktree, but you said shader model 2 support is required
It's not exactly required. But to use most of the templates that I built and to see the bumped dwarf, you will need ps2.0. If I knew a way to bump map with a lesser shader model then I would. Download it anyway. If your hardware doesn't support a specific shader then the material will just show up as gray. Of course there is always the basic materials too. Press the "B" button at the top to view them.

Nah, there are utilities in there. Drop it in... go on ;)
Ok. Maybe I'll post it later.

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