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Optical Illusion update #6

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I have come to the conclusion that Applets are irrevocably bugged. The stand alone application version works exactly as planned. The 1.4.2 applet version does not render the sheep (as indicated previously by a few of the subjects), and it renders a red line between each row of pixels. I am so furious right now that I could beat a freshman (well, one doesn't necessarily have to be mad to do that :) )

I will be working on a standalone, JAR application. I have found JAR apps to be much more reliable. I'll probably also work on a report collecting server so that people don't have to copy their report codes.

In the meantime, the survey applet is broken, you will not be able to reliably use it for reporting. It actually runs, it just doesn't give any visual representation of it running, meaning you could possibly hit enter before the sheep gets to its destination and you would not record accurately.

If you still want to check it out, the JAR file that the applet runs from includes a random map viewer (it just doesn't do the reporting). Click here for an executable JAR file. This application generates 1 map for use with the 3 different types of rendering, so that you may compare and contrast the effects. Alt+f4 (or command+w for mac users) to close a rendering window when you are done veiwing it. Hitting 'S' will bring up a file chooser prompt, and will save a PNG Screenshot to the location you select.
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