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I killed my computer...

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In trying to get my Java Tactics demo out before midnight on Wed, I decided that I could program and eat dinner at the same time. So, I bring my 15" PowerBook into the kitchen and start making dinner (a couple of steaks and potatoes...)

When I was done eating, I went to go take care of my plate, in the middle of turning around, my foot caught the powercord and pulled it. The result was that my PowerBook came flying off the table and onto the ground.

I have pretty good coverage on my computer, so today I brought it to the computer people at my school who understand the warrantee etc. They said that my care plan would cover it, but don't expect that the contents of the HD to be recovered.

They gave me a replacement laptop until I get mine back, and sent me on my way.

My last backup was April 1st (I backup every month) so not all is lost. I have a huge music collection (all legal mind you...) and I am very glad that I do regular backups.

The bad thind is that, all the work that I did on Java Tactics since the first of April is gone.... ARRRGG!!! This makes me feal like an idiot.
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Uhm, what did you break? The screen? Or literally everything?!

Generally notebook screens are removable/replaceable. I had a laptop once with a factory defect, and instead of replacing it they sent a tech over with a new monitor. It was pretty cool.

This is why you upload code somewhere :P

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I lost a shitload of code earlier this year and I almost cried.

I feel for you.

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From the looks of the computer the screen was dead. But also due to the fact that the power button no longer worked told me that there were some bigger issues... I've always thought that monthly backups were good enough, but now I'm thinking of making a cron for uploading my current source off every night...

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Awww! Sorry to hear that man! If that happened to me right now with my desktop PC...I'd better start backing up now : /

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tsk. tsk. tsk. tsk.

All these people who don't back stuff up =)

I agree with evolutional, we use SVN, and it has saved our a$$ many a time =)

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