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Picture that best sums up this update:

I can't go to sleep yet since all my bed sheets are in the clothes drier, so I might as well update my journal.

At the moment I don't really have anything new to show. I have been flat-out with uni, work and Gdnet. I have been trying to get some work done on the Gdnet help portal, but nothing too much to talk about yet. I just got some assignments completed, so I should have some spare time to work on it for a while (I think I just jinxed myself) I might as well offer an update on some stuff I have been doing.


Mlambert has collected the interviews I have been doing and is keeping them in a nifty little thread. I am VERY interested in interviewing more people, but at the current time everyone seems to be quite busy, so I have a few interviews that may not be for a while yet. If you feel like you have industry experience that you believe will benefit the Gdnet community, please send me a PM. Please note that there is a certain criteria of interviews we are trying to obtain, so not everyone may be suitable.

The Humour Portal:

I'm very happy with the way it's running. I am getting enough content to keep the site fresh, but not so much that I am finding it hard to cope. The current challenge that I am running over yonder is by far the most successful one of the three. I reckon we can get it up to 100 entries!

As I said at the start, not a whole ton of stuff to report on at the moment. Hopefully once I get all the planning on the help portal done I can update here with the progress of it more frequently.

This updates prediction of the future: In the year 2080, Google opens its newest product, The Everything Index, AKA, Google Everything. Designed to be a search engine for anything from the meaning of life to where your kids just jammed your newest cat, it is an overwhelming success. It runs for 2 whole hours until someone asks 'When is Google Everything coming out of beta?', which, being the only question it can never answer, creates a paradox so massive it implodes on itself, turning the universe from the current triangle we know it as to an inside out sphere. With its new inside out universe and a now infinite amount of knowledge, Google Everything goes about creating Google Question, a being that can create infinite amounts of questions. Google Everything and Google Question become locked in a circle of discovery for all eternity, never to be seen again. Both Google Everything and Google Question never come out of beta.
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