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Hello journal

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First journal entry. There's no real purpose to this journal. I thought it'd be interesting to see how my situation changes over time so I can maybe wallow in nostalga one day. Though I'm sure I'll give up updating it in a couple of weeks.

Snowing in April! What's the world coming to. I was wearing a tshirt outside yesterday, it was sunny (but cold) this morning and then bam! snow.

Uploaded guess the vomit yesterday, made (gasp) 8 years ago. madness.
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YESSS!! I beat Rob Loach here as the welcoming guy..So yeah, welcome to the elite circle of GDNet+ members, I hope to see many more entries from you. And. Here is your welcoming rating++ [grin]

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Thanks, Daerax. How welcoming! I hope to keep an updated journal as it would be quite interesting later on. It seems a nice little community here.

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Hey Patbert!

You have my favorite GDnet+ avatar of all time! Just thought you should know.

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Thanks Stompy. It's wally from the dilbert comics (though you probably knew that). He is truly enlightend in the ways of the world.

Looking forward to the new demo of stompy btw!

Edit: fix link

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Welcome to the gang!!!! Here's your welcome ratings ++! I like Vomit [smile]. Make sure you post as many screenshots as you can of any projects you have.

Damn, Drew beat me.

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