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I'm Everywhere!!

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Last night I finally took the time to sit down and create my profiles for a variety of sites geared towards displaying your info for other people to see. Call it extreme egotism, call it networking, whatever. It was pretty fun, tho it did take me a few hours. And doing one thing for a few hours can drive me insane (which is why I tend to do so much, so I can switch gears often). Anyways these are all the sites I'm listed on so far:


Yep... I think that will about to it. Any more and I may have to seek help or something...


In regards to the short video clip I mentioned in the comments to my last post, I would have had it ready by now except it seems my family took the camera with them on vacation, so I can't get any footage of me in the show. D'oh. Hopefully I'll have something by next weekend...
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