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Basic Player Turn and 'Console' within jFrame?

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I redid the turn object, which handles who gets to activate events on the server. This makes it so a 'SSO: cct' progresses the player turn by 1, or resetting if it is over the maximum amount of players. Still working on the sub-turn selection object which is responsible for determining which character on the current player's team has already been moved/activated.

I also found out that hitting the close button on the jFrame wasn't actually doing anything anymore. Before the last remake of the network object I had it so that when you hit the close button it shuts off all of the sockets etc.. but now for somereason the new methods aren't working correctly making an exception to be caught and the window/program not being closed.

And if anybody has any good links on making a 'console'ish program inside the actual frame (within the main content pane of the frame) so that I can just hit ~ and have it allow me to insert commands I would find that usefull...

I have found that I am begining to hate redoing my code... it is not very fun, more like writing proofs for your calculus problems after already solving them...
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A nice flexible console system, sounds like a great little project idea. :) Do you code in Java 5 (1.5) or still in 1.4?

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