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Heh. Ever since starting up this new project with evolutional, I've sorta been neglecting this journal. I'm afraid it'll probably continue to be neglected... a little bit, at least, until things start to smooth out.

I've been spending quite a bit of time learning the ins and outs of engines such as Irrlicht, and exploring other possibilities briefly. Working from other peoples' code so extensively is going to be an eye-opener I think; I've already learned quite a few things, and pinpointed things in my own code that I could have done better. It'll be even more of an eye-opener working with another person, something I haven't done since college. Pretty excited about it, though. We're still sorta tiptoeing around, trying to figure out the best ways of working together and trying to get organized, but already the ideas and discussions are starting to flow. I think some really good things are going to come out of this.
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