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There was a thread on how to take an AVI and convert it into a FrameStrip BMP file. I said that it would be a simple program to make, so I did. Using mplayer to generate the frames, I wrote a java app to convert those frames into one big long PNG file.

'mplayer [some video source like a file] -z 9 -vo png' Converts to PNG...[3k]

Its a simple java program to take the frames from mplayer and convert them into a single FilmStrip PNG file. You can then take this file and convert it to BMP if you'd like.

NOTES: [OUTPUT FILE] is always a png file, so name it correctly.
[FRAMES DIRECTORY] is a folder with PNG files named 0.png to X.png
[WIDTH] and [HEIGHT] are the width and height of one frame.
('show') should only be used on a small number of frames. Final
Image is displayed in a JFrame (non-scrolling)

SAMPLE: java FilmStrip ~/Desktop/FilmStrip/frames 640 480 filmstrip.png

Thought that this would also be usefull for other people so here you go.
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