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So after a few weeks away, I'm back.

- The interview went okay, the test I had to do less so. Still waiting for the results.

- I've had one person doing AI contact me that his AI is finished, and it's a pretty good one. Might need a little tweaking, but I've only been able to beat it a few times. Will update on this soon.

- Have been doing all kinds of programming. A little test in ARB_vertex/fragment_program extensions. I've started removing GLFW from the windows builds. Also started looking into multiple OpenGL windows. Need to fix builds and organize stuff, I think I'm working on like 3 different builds on two IDE+compilers and it's getting dirty.

Probably won't be able to do much the coming time because I really need to get working on my thesis. That'll probably take most of my time, and leave me unwilling to do programming at home in the evenings as well.

On a side note, I have some researching to do on Linux.
- In how much does linux support multiple monitor configs?
- Do touchscreens work in Linux?
- Which distros support newer ATI cards?
- What media types can I play on what programs?
- Does TV-out work on ATI cards?

If anyone knows anything about the above questions, please feel free to respond here or to PM me. I'm not stuck to a specific distro, but would certainly like one which is geared towards linux newbies.
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