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Behind the Scenes: Batman Season One

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I've had a few requests over the pasts few months of people wanting to see what this whole Batman show thing I did last summer (and will be doing again this summer) was about. So I took the time this weekend to put together a little "documentary" based on footage I had from last season. I didn't start taping until late into rehearsal, because my family's video camera was shot. I finally broke down and borrowed a friend's. My family got a new camera about halfway through the season and I started using that, however I don't have much footage of me, since that was taken by other cast members with their own cameras. Additionally, since I don't have a capture card, I had to copy the footage from tape to DVD via an external DVD recorder, then rip the footage from DVD to my computer using #1 DVD Ripper. I was hoping the trial version would have let me use it for like, 15 days or something - more than enough time - but instead the stupid thing only let me rip 50% of whatever title I had chosen. So that limited my footage options as well in some cases. Still, I managed to peice together a lot of good stuff. This was my first video editing project - I started to use Primier but realized quickly that for a little project like this that was overkill. So instead I switched to Movie Maker. Hope you enjoy it!

Batman Behind the Scenes (35MB) 9:20

NOTE [6/18/05]
This video has been taken down at the request of Six Flags due to some concerns with the material presented. If I can edit it and repost it I will. Stay tuned.

UPDATE [7/1/05]
Well it's final. I finally got a chance to talk to my boss today at work and he said there was really nothing we could do to keep the video online. Six Flags has no problem but DC keeps a stranglehold on stuff like this, and it would have to be approved by them, which he said 99% wouldn't happen. So that's that unfortunately. I'd kindly ask those of you who have it to please not share it any longer if you have already, just to hold back any legal repercussions.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Your an idiot!! Why would you do something as stupid as kill the integrity of a show! If people want to know, maybe they should audition! your a moron

A fellow SF performer

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Yea whatever. Other than little kids who don't know any better anyways, shows like this have no integrity, if by integrity you mean the "realism" of the show. Of course it's not real, but that doesn't make it any less cooler to see someone take a punch or a fall and make it "look" real. This video was for the people who wanted to know what it was like to work in a stunt show. If someone played it for their little brother and said "nyah nyah lookie lookie Batman isn't real!!" then of course that's messed up, and I apologize. So sorry for wanting to share some of my awesome experiences with people who don't have the ability or oppurtunity to do so themselves. [razz]

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Your an idiot!! Why would you do something as stupid as kill the integrity of a show! If people want to know, maybe they should audition! your a moron

A fellow SF performer

Before you go using big words like 'integrity' and 'audition', you might want to learn the differences between 'your' (possessive spelling) and the correct 'you're' spelling, which is a contraction of 'you are'.

And someone who has 'integrity', would have approached Drew and voiced his/her opinion (can't tell if you are female or male because of the chicken shit of posting anonymously) offline before running like a little child tattle telling on someone to obviously attempt to further their own career.

Yes, maybe Drew should have run the video by the people in charge, but he did so innocently and like he said, if you think Batman's real, you're either 5 years or or belong in an institution for the criminally insane!

- Eric 'Wackatronic' Tomlinson

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