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He Lives!

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Rob Loach


You now have a limited amount of lives in Blastoids as well as health and shields. Don't have any type of powerups or anything like that, and it would be nice to have the shields slowly regenerate or something like that.

You'll notice the music change up (No, Linkin Park is no more [smile]). You crazy anime fans will find the new music similar to the music from Naruto. I've just begun watching the series and am quite enjoying it. You should check it out.

Other then that, I've been mighty busy with school and other projects. I'm trying to keep up, but it's hard to cope with the lack of time I have. When you think about it, there isn't that much time in a day to do much of anything. Yes, if you had the whole day off, you might be able to get something done. But no, I don't have the whole day off. I have approximately one hour free each day to do my own stuff. It would help to have the ability to control time. Anyway, enough ranting, I have to go do something productive.

Random Interest

See That Dog Fly!
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Mr. Loach, I won't lie. I used to enjoy reading your journal. It was new, and I was young and nieve...but the magic is gone. THE MAGIC IS GONE, ROB!

Oh, also, fun game :D

<3 me

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Rock Lee rulezz1!!!11one [grin]

And to remain somewhat on topic: Nice screenshot, I like the particle train trail.

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