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Bug fixes and fun

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Stephen R


I've uploaded a new version of Jailbreak onto the GDS - just a few bug fixes. It wasn't recording the best time for the last level and it didn't play music on the epilogue or credits screens. Hopefully that'll be the last version I'll have to upload.

I'm currently working on a few tech demos to see how I can make a 2d tiled world look impressive. I've started with using Dot3 bump mapping to simulate lighting on a tile map.

At the moment the light fades linearly over a fixed distance but I can easilly work out more intersting way for the lights to operate, like giving them radiuses and attentuation factors. The one thing I wasn't able to do with the dot3 bump mapping was colored lighting because my graphics card didn't support D3DPMISCCAPS_PERSTAGECONSTANT and I was already using the texture factor render state to store the light vector. I could easilly do the colored lighting by writing a simple shader but I would like to keep this in the fixed function pipeline for as long as possible. Its a 2d game and really has no excuse not to work on most medium-end hardware.

I want to see how soft shaddow volumes look on top of this. I hadn't really been expecting to do any of the shading through the bump mapping but when I tried it out it looked surprisingly well. I'm going to have to write a second test app to see what soft shaddows ontop of plain bump mapping looks like compared to this.
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Wasn't your journal 'Perpetual Beta'? If its perpetual, how does it change?

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Common sense dictates that you are correct, but by applying the stroian uncertainty theorem to the equation "1 = 2" we see that infact the title is indeed correct.

Either that or I need to change the title of this thing.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


On a unrelated note - happy birthday to me!!

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