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Fun with the Force

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I dunno how funny this will be - you might have had to have been there but I'll give it a shot anyways.

So I'm at the gym like always on Tuesdays, and I dunno how it started but people were hopping up on the balance beams with shinai's (bamboo kendo training swords) and fighting on the beams. There are 4 beams staggered and within like 3 feet from each other, so you can hop from beam to beam while you're fighting. So we're up there knocking each other off and stuff... then my friend Mac gets a turn. He gets up and starts swinging and making these corny lightsaber sound effects. Hilarious. So now we're fighting with lightsabers. Suddenly Mac puts out his hand and tells everyone he's calling on the Force. So one of my friends picks up a large rubber ball. Mac swings his arm at his opponent (Dan) on the beam in a Force Throw and my friend Jim wings the ball at Dan. Soon we had more balls, mats, hoola hoops, and all these objects being flung around.

So it's my turn to go up against Mac, who's defeated two opponents so far. So I'm up there... now mind you, the week before my friend Sasha asked me a question. He asked me, "How long would it take you to turn to the Dark Side? Be honest". I immediately answered without hesitation, "Nanoseconds". And it's true! Come on! The Dark Side freakin rocks! So anwyways with that in mind, here I am on the beam and neither Mac nor I have used the Force yet. Sasha's standing to one side holding this rather large trapezoid mat. Mac suddenly starts to get a bit self concious and he's saying "I dunno man, that's a pretty big mat. I don't want anyone getting hurt or anything." And I just said "Shit Mac, you need to come over to the Dark Side!" And I stretched out my hand, called upon the mat, and flung it at Mac, who got totally knocked off the beam (cause Sash can chuck a mat pretty good).

So yea, that's my story. The moral? The Dark Side is more powerful. Don't let that little green midget tell you otherwise.

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<(0_0)> My ally is the mat, and a powerful ally it is =D(hehe)

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Is this me approving my own post?? Or what? Ha, luckily that doesn't bring back any bad memories. I guess I got lucky on my wisdom teeth removal

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