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interesting title

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The Forgotten Mindset


I am done with Tic Tac Toe 2085 (unofficially).

Ok, I haven't quite done as much with it as I would have liked, but I'm just getting too tired of it, and since it's basically complete, I really want to move on to something else, like a tile-based game.

When I first got into game programming, I told myself that I would make lots of top-down RPGs, then after I was "1337" enough (just kidding [smile]), I would make the "sweetest 3D RPG ever, where you can do everything and stuff!" Boolean Comic [lol]

Now, I've read about a bazillion different articles and books about tile games, and I have made some tiny tile demos too, so I'm not completely new to it.

In my programming class, everyone was divided into teams of 3 so that we could make a game for our final project (heck yeah!). I am very humble person, but I don't deny the truth either, so I bet you anything that my team will make the best game, I guarantee it. [grin]

Last year, I saw the kinds of games that people in this class were making. They sucked! They were all using the crappy gdi-wrapper C++ library that came with our text book. None of them had any image graphics-- nothing but circles and rectangles. I'm going to use either the HGE engine (thanks to Tic Tac Toe 2085) or SDL, which I do not know yet.

Traditionally, I would use a custom DirectX library to do all of this stuff, but I actually want to finish the game this time!

I want to learn SDL for this game, but if I don't have enough time, I'll just use HGE. All I want the engine to do is load and display images and fonts, play music & sound, and get user input (all of the basics), then I'll take over from there. Does anyone out there know how long it would take for me to learn this much in SDL? But I hear SDL is very easy to use, so I'm pretty sure that I'll use it.

Oh I forgot, I'm going put Tic Tac Toe 2085 and the source into the GDS when I get the chance.
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SDL is extremely easy to learn. Once you have it setup and you have the docs on your machine it'll take you no time.

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Hey, I am (unofficially) TFM's artist (Im in his networking class, and was in his VB class last year). I dont have any set graphic needs from him yet (GIMME!), but I hope I can help him out with the tiles and so forth. Im into isometric and top downs, not the fancy, smancy, 3d stuff...in MY day we played Diablo and Baldurs Gate and we LIKED IT!...

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Make sure you post some pictures of your first project! I find those the most entertaining.

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Whom do you mean? TFM, or Moi?

If Me, I dont have any way of posting, No website here! Hah...

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