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New Website

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First things first. I have finished up my glow demo by adding a touch of realism to the scene. You will notice the backdrop has been added as well as refracted glass and a shiny material for the body. I'm quite happy with the overall effect and I'm still achieving reasonable frame rates. [smile] I get ~56 fps on a 1.3 ghz intel 4 with an nVidia 5200 and that's with 6 complete blur passes. In a way this sucks because I just got my wife a 3 ghz Dell with some Intel Media onboard chip and it blows my frame rate out of the water. [rolleyes] She seems quite happy about that for some reason.

Second things second. I have completed my website. It is one fully dynamic php/mysql driven, rip roaring, yada yada. Basically it's got a control panel so I can easily add more topics and edit or delete existing ones. You can add comments and there are smilies that work exactly the same as gamedev's. Basically I ripped off Humus's website template and layout then added my own feel and style. Damn that guy's got a lot of cool stuff over there! I'd appreciate it if you'd take the time to check out my new site. www.neilkemp.us - The link will redirect you to the site until I can get around to setting it as a subdomain on my server. Let me know what you think either here or there or whatever. [smile]

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Yeaahhh it's a remote controlled 3D flying car. Uh hu. Also notice the super cool engines with allow it to stay stationary over extended periods of time. Every kid will want one!

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So it won't do too well when the aliens invade with remote control wave cancelers and make all the ships fall to the ground.

Great job, Neil.

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