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Free Music!

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Random ramblings about free music and stuff:

MP3, iPod, free music, these things have never really caught my attention much in the past, even though I am a bit of an audiophile and love listening to great music.

However, the past week or so I've taken interest in Pepsi's win a free song campaign thing. The other day I downloaded iTunes and redeemed my credits and began to browse around the music store, and I gotta say, I'm impressed. I spent hours just browsing random categories listening to the 10 second or so samples of each song, trying to figure out what I should get for my free songs (I have won a total of 5 songs now, including the caps given to my from a friend), I've downloaded 2.

I know iTunes is nothing special, really, as Real and Yahoo have similar stuff, iTunes is just the first one I looked at (and I get free songs from them). I was first introduced to iTunes at my work, which is in a Mac lab on my university's campus, where me and my co-workers often have music playing, sometimes off the internet radio through iTunes. This is another cool (but not uncommon) feature, I've recently discovered Persian Folk Music, which not only makes good background music for the lab, I think it will also be the soundtrack for my movie*.

I've also used iTunes to sample other music. A couple days ago in the Lounge there was a thread on Celtic music, some bands were recommended, and not knowing much about Celtic music I checked them out myself, such as The Corrs and Old Blind Dogs :)

With so much music out there, and only a few songs left to download, it's really hard to decide :) I've been looking for good programming music, since that's usually the only time I listen to music at my computer (even though I could burn it to a CD and listen to it in my car, there are far fewer things I'm willing to listen to while driving). The two I've downloaded so far are Bodyrock by Moby, and Aria by Delerium. I first heard Delerium here in the lab when trying to finish up one of my programming assignments and found it makes really good programming music.

*I think it would be cool to have a space opera where the soundtrack is entirely Persian Folk music :)
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