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Why? Why dost thou torment me so?

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Stephen R


I got multiple coloured lights working today - kind of. I seem to have run into quite a significant hurdle though. I can't seem to get the system to render multiple layers of objects well.

I'm working off the 2d soft shadows article here on GDNet which uses the alpha channel to store the light values before it renders the actual geometry on top of that. I can't quite seem to get the system to both blend the geometry correctly when using multiple layers of geometry as well as blending the multiple render passes. The only solution I can think of is to render all the geometry to a texture once, fully bright without any lighting. Then render each light using the target texture as the geometry source. I should be able to get the effect I want but it will result in a bit of a performance hit because I'm going to have to change the render target twice per scene - hopefully it'll still be fast enough. If its done well it might even be faster than the other way.

So I'll get that working tomorrow.
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