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Ah OpenGL...

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I'm ashamed to say, I had never known what glut actually was before today. Now that I know what it is, only one thing can describe how I feel:


Let's get one thing straight, I hate the windows API. I just don't like it at all. Specially when all I want to do is draw a measly triangle, and I have to make 100 lines of code just for that. So...Yay for glut.

I also got glaux, so that's cool. I got both of these through devpaks.

Basically, this is an entry containing very good news. Therefore, I leave you with smilies:

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Glaux is an old library abandonned by sgi, and has several memory leaks ,and glut has been abandonned as well, i would recommend sdl/sdl_image for window creation and image loading, it is easy to turn an SDL_Surface into a gl texture.

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My SDL files are corrupted, plus, I find Glut much easier. Out of SDL OpenGL, and AllegoGL, Glut is the only one that works. So, I'm going with Glut.

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In that case i would reccomend a newer continuation of glut called freeglut.

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