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!!!! AWSOMENESS !!!!

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The Forgotten Mindset


Ok, you know that I'm going to make a game for my final project in my programming class, but you didn't know that I am going to make another game for my MS Networking class! Everyone in this class gets to choose what they want to do for their final project as long as it is appropriate to our studies. I decided to make a little isometric game that displays and compares the cost-to-performance ratio of server farms/clusters to supercomputers.

This is what I am picturing so far:
A guy (your character) walks into an outhouse, when you walk into this facility, you discover a giant laboratory containing both a server farm/cluster and a supercomputer! You walk up to these systems and notice 2 identical electronic signs displaying "Now Serving X Clients", where X is the number of clients that the system is currently serving (duh). You also notice 2 other identical electronic signs displaying: "Cost of system: Y", where Y is the amount of money that the respective system costs.
There are 2 levers in the center of the room, one of them increases the number of clients for both systems, and the other decreases it. When the number of clients is increased (by you of course), then the cost sign for each system will go up as well, but only if the new number of clients exceeds the capabilities of the system. So the goal here is to show the player that server farms/clusters can be much more cost effective than giant supercomputers.
Any other ideas? I'd love to here what you guys think.

Oh, and I checked out SDL the other night and I got some images displayed on screen with alpha blending and colorkeying in no time! [smile]

I can almost hear the kinks turning in my head (needs an oil change, hehe [grin]).
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Hopefully I will get to do the artwork. Too bad it isnt a partner project, I have yet to decide what to do with mine, and its due in a month...argh.

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