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Things done, or not done.

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So i figure it's about time for an update.

I have been working on trying to find out a new game to make. I want to do something simple, such as a puzzle game, that is just..well...a short game you could play in like five minutes. I want it to have enough replayability that you can just keep playing it and just keep having fun.

I have been tossing some puzzle fighter-like ideas around, considering everything from Simon to Tetris.

So..replay value, fun, five to ten minutes. Hmm..while i am pondering that.

I recently 'aquired' Call of Duty again, and have been abseloutely digging that. I havent been able to play multiplayer due to the 'CoD Master Server serving CoD:UO clients'..but thats fine, im gonna beat this then get United Offensive soon.

My birthday is next thursday, but in traditional my-family fashion, they tell me what the get me. I got an iPod. Sweet.

Back to game development...game...development..

I have been toying around with a flocking algo recently. I have different settings for it..like sloppy, sharp, razor, mushy...for example you click on a point and the objects (little circle jobs) go to your clicked point (or 'flock') there. On sloppy, the just kinda mull around until they get there, on razor they go in straight lines, picking nodes to turn at. Anyway, i think it is pretty cool, but i am still having trouble with the damn things trying to get on top of each other, onto the clicked point. I'm gonna try and set a 'moveaway' variable, that randomizes a x,y number away from the original point, and try to move there unless another object is there, in which case it resets and tries again.

It might get sloppy, but whatever...just for fun right?

Hmm..puzzle games...replayable...short...fun.....its a tricky one.

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