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pyMORPG update

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Brandon N


As was predicted, progress is rather slow. My work term is over in 4 weeks (most unfortunately) so my impending 3 day school schedule should leave time to get some more code done on this.

However, I have been able to experiment and get a few things done. Most importantly, the foundation of the prototype networking protocol is largely completed.

I know find myself looking for a way to handle the UI so that I can merge the networked console client with the graphical one. I've at least run an example and read some docs on PyGTK, wxWindows and pyUI.

My primary concern with the first two is that while they afford an OpenGL context, their look and feel aren't great, and they're rather large for what I need. I'm still considering wxPython, though I'm no fan of anything with a layout manager.

pyUI is a slight mess. It would seem that the author has taken off or somesuch, though someone has built upon it with the Vierstein project. That looks quite promising.

My issues with this are that handling key and mouse events outside of a widget seemingly requires a sort of hack and that, like the rest of these, pyUI drives my application, not the other way around.

The last option is a custom built UI, which may be a case of reinventing the wheel. This sort of defeats the purpose of using Python to begin with, but on the other hand, as I've helped build a more comprehensive UI with straight pyOpenGL in a small amount of time, a workable, if ugly, UI could be up after a few hours work.

A custom UI means no questions as to how something works, and I don't have to "make do" with what a 3rd party system provides.
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