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Faking it

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The current incarnation of dodecahellspawn fakes lighting with texture blending. A textured quad is billboarded centered at the middle of the dedecahedron. The visual defect I mentioned before was the result of the quad inconsistently being drawn on top of pieces. Before, all the pieces and the quad were drawn on the basis of Z-order which caused popping when a piece would cross the z = 0 line. So now, I render the entire dodechedron culling the front faces, then draw the quad, and then render the dodecahedron again, culling all the back faces. This gives the lighting effect closest to what I envisioned that I think I can pull off. There's some volumetric lighting tricks that I think might work, but my previous attempts at volumetric lighting, for lack of a better term, simply looked like crap.

Right now I'm experimenting with a Quaternion representation that stores the quaternions in terms of (R, u, theta) instead of (x, y, z, w). My gut instinct is that the two forms will perform roughly equally for what I want to do with dodecahellspawn. Normally, I'd give the (x, y, z, w) representation the edge for wagers, but I'm thinking that there will be enough interpolations that the (R, u, theta) form might be able to gain ground there. Really, the only way to find out is to try it out and see.

If the alternate Quaternion representation system works out, I might check the whole thing into the code library.

Current todo list:

  • Configuration file
  • Remappable keyboard input system
  • Fix some of the textures (I'm never satisfied with my art)
  • Virtual trackball for model rotation
  • System to snap model to alignment

Oh yeah, and also the whole game part of the darn thing.
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