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I've been spending quite a bit of time playing Knights of the Old Republic 2 lately, but I'm getting bored with it now. As a result, I've come to a sort of revelation that isn't very earth-shaking, but is somewhat startling to me nonetheless.

I don't like RPGs.

Which is unusual, I think, because it's all I really play. I played D&D back in the day, then AD&D and various other role-playing systems. I've traditionally considered myself an RPG geek (though I never did any of that live-action stuff; RPGing was always sort of a closet habit, something I felt vaguely embarassed about even while I was busily gathering friends, pretzels and beer together in the garage for a session) so it comes as a bit of a surprise to realize that I don't like RPG computer games.

Chalk it up to recent bad experiences, maybe. Divine Divinity was fun for awhile until I got irrevocably stuck despite all the available internet walkthroughs and cheats. Something that was supposed to be said simply wasn't being said when it should be and I could not progress. But regardless, all of the traipsing back and forth was getting a little dull.

Give me linear storylines. Some sub-branching is fine, but vast and unfathomable worlds like Morrowind instill within me a sort of frantic fear that I am somehow missing out on something, that I've screwed myself over with the choices I've made and I won't discover it until I am 70 hours into the game and I run into a Gigantic Level 99 Asswipe who will clean my clock regardless of what I try or do or say. I want large signposts in flashing neon red telling me "This is the WAY! This is where you're supposed to go next!" Some story interspersed in there is great, it's the cream cheese frosting on top of the moist and delicious spice cake, but it's by no means the reason I play.

Diablo 2 remains to this day one of my favorite games, and Diablo 1 is a very short way behind it. Why? Not because of it's quests or storyline (minimal, at best). Simply because of the endless hack and slash. In the same vein, I have played Nethack, Dungeon Crawl, and other roguelikes until my eyes have bled and my fingers have siezed up into so many snarls like knotted string. Not for any story or role-playing, but rather for the sheer hack and slash fun of it.

Random levels, random encounters, bare-bones plot, minimal boring conversation, and no jogging back and forth across land I've already explored seeking out an endless chain of miscellanous NPCs and irrelevant quest objects to progress some storyline that I really couldn't care less about; now, that's what I'm talking about.

That being said, there is a lamentable dearth of games that are to my taste. I fear I'm probably in too small a minority for my pleas to be heard. Alas.
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Diablo 2! [headshake] I spent sooo much time with that game a year ago it was not funny [grin]. I mean all day everyday was me and Diablo 2. I loved that game. However, after a while (all this before 1.10 patch) I just got tired of it, the only point was to do MF'ing to get the good items to trade and such. That and endless cow level runs. I still liked how it was made, an excelent game nontheless. I'd actually like to see more games use the logics and gameplace that D2 has - perhaps a RTS maybe? Not too sure.

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It's funny - as I've gotten older, I've started to feel more and more like you wrt RPG's. I used to LOVE games like Morrowind, etc. Now I just want the action most of the time. Quests that I have to look things up just tend to make me roll my eyes.

No, you're not alone in what you want from games, I think =)

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Well put! I also get annoyed when I find out after 10 hours of play that I chose the wrong character class because I didn't know how the gameplay was going to be like and discovering that I should have taken quest X 6 hours ago to be able to beat this monster in front of me.

I guess as I get older I loose patience with games, but I gain patience in coding.

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You forgot to mention the nefarious effects of the swamp cave on our young fragile minds. Take er' easy bro.

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Disclaimer: This is an opinion. i.e. You don't have to prove me wrong. You're probably right too.

Personally, I never liked diablo. I find the action very boring - a clickfest. And I think most RPGs are retarded - they focus on everything I don't care about. Who said RPG == boring character development (as in, stats, adding points to this and that) or hack and slash?

My definition of an RPG tends to be the Fallouts.

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The RPG's I've loved the most have been very story-centric. Ultima 4 through 7 and Planescape: Torment, being among the best examples I can think of. I don't see people making many games like that any more, and it makes me sad.

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