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Engineer in Training

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Conner McCloud


I'm off to take the EIT exam. With any luck, the next time I'm turned down for a job, they'll be turning down an apprentice Engineer rather than a starving college student.

Unfortunately, I'm going to need a lot of luck. I'm going to crash and burn, hard.

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You'll do fine. According to my wife (a PE), the EIT exam is no big deal. It's the PE exam you've gotta worry about.

Thankfully, you'll have a few years to work on that.

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All right, I'm done. Apparently, I'm smarter than I thought. And I thougth I was a fucking genius. So clearly, I'm some sort of demi-god. NO. Golden God.


Mrs Hatten was correct, this particular exam wasn't that big a deal. At least the first half wasn't. For those not in the know, there are two parts. There's 120 easy questions in the morning session, and 60 hard questions in the afternoon session. Those first 120 are drawn from your core engineering disiplines. I'm pretty sure a sophomore [at CSM, I make no claims about other school's curriculums] could get a pretty good grade on this section without too much difficulty. The ones I couldn't figure out from memory, I was able to do via guess and check.

The existance of multiple choice exams proves that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

But I digress. I would give examples of some of the easier questions [they were embarrasingly simple...I'm pretty sure they were put there so that idiots would get at least a few right], but I signed some thing promising that if I ever told, they could fail me. The last thing I need is to find out that the president of the NCEES is a regular visitor to Gamedev.

The second half didn't go so good. Sixty questions, still multiple choice. At this point, you get to choose between a specific test and a general one. I'm an electrical engineer, so I might have chosen to concentrate on EE questions. Looking through that section, I realized that I don't deserve my degree. But let's keep that to ouselves, OK? In reality, most people who fail take the specific exam. It's counterintuitive, but that's the way it goes. So I didn't feel too bad going general. So my sixty questions were distributed just like the first hundred and twenty, except that now they're drawn from upper level courses. Had I taken this as a freshman, I'd have shat myself and majored in communications at CU.

If I had to guess, I'd say I pulled off about a 45% on that part. From what I understand, everybody walks out confident they failed, but then everybody ends up passing. Seeing as how I'm confident that I'm right on the border between pass and fail, I figure I'm a shoe in.

Of course, I've all but decided that I'm going to focus on a job in software [at someplace bad ass, like Northrup Grummann, so my engineering background won't go to waste]. So I'll probably never get so much as a passing inquiry as to whether or not I passed the FE exam. Which also means I'll never qualify to take the PE exam, which is a shame. I'd hate to go halfway and then stop.

So remember, kids: the FE exam isn't so bad. And I am a Golden God.


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